My name is John and I am a recently retired physician.  I am doing this blog with my sons Russell and Brett.  My number one qualification for authoring this blog is that I have been a Bills fan since I was 9 years old growing up in Allegany County and spending time with my grandparents summers on Timon Street in Buffalo.  I was an athlete myself and also have coached youth soccer, basketball, track and softball/baseball up to and including varsity high school head coach.  I can recognize fast twitch neuromuscular coordination in any sport.  As a physician, I had training in interpreting body language and in a 35 year career as a family or emergency room physician I became expert at this skill.  I have followed college football closely through the years with an eye always out for talent for the Bills.

I suffered a back injury and was paralyzed from the waist down initially.  After surgery at Strong to relieve the pinched spinal cord and rehab I can now walk again.  However, most of 2017 was spent in bed or sitting.  As I was unable to do much this past fall, I watched over 200 college games on Verizon Fios with DVR. I also watched every bowl game, the College playoff games, the NFLPA game, the East/West Shrine Bowl, the Senior Bowl, the Combine, and those pro days covered on tv.  I identified the top players in each game I watched and focused on those that I thought the Bills could use.  Sometimes, an unknown player would catch my eye and he would go onto my list of prospects.

These are my thoughts about the players to be chosen in the 2018 NFL Draft with particular interest on those players that might interest the Buffalo Bills.  My observations are based mainly on actual game action I observed.  I will rank players according to position and from those I think are first rounders to those I think are third day draftees.  The opinions expressed about the Bills team are my own.  I have no sponsors and I am not looking to monetize this blog.  I have fun pretending to be the Bills GM and I have a lot of insight into the players in this years draft.  This blog is to share the thoughts of one informed Bills fan with Bills Nation and football fans in general.  GO BILLS!



Also any images used on this blog are found on various sites such as flicker and google images any copyright infringements will be brought down straight away.