Post Draft Assessment:

Here is my assessment of the Buffalo Bills 2018 Draft:

Overall I give the Bills Draft team an A+ for this years draft.  Here is my assessment of each pick!

#1A)Josh Allen-Sure I was and am concerned about the accuracy issue with Josh Allen.  Who isn’t?  However, I like the pick a lot.  He is big, strong, and he has good speed for his size.  He will get yards on the ground if he has too.  He has the biggest arm in this year’s draft.  The veterans were impressed with his arm at OTA’s.  He had a very high score on the Wunderlict Test and should be able to relatively quickly pick up the play book and the nuances of being an NFL QB.  I think the price of two second round picks to move up and get him was fair.  He could lead us to the promised land!!  Even if Josh Allen does not pan out, I still give Brandon Beane an A+ for taking a swing at getting a QB who can win a Super Bowl with the Bills!

josh allen

1B)I said in my blog that if the Bills got Tremaine Edmunds it would be a great draft for the Bills.  It is unbelievable that we got both Josh Allen and Tremaine Edmunds!  The price to move up and get Edmunds of a 3rd. round pick was more than fair.  Edmunds is a beast and a freak.  He will be a Lynch pin of our defense for years to come.  He is also versatile, plays sideline to sideline, is great at coverage, excellent tackler, and no doubt can be a great pass rusher.


3)Harrison Phillips at the end of the third round is downright larceny.  I had him as a mid second round pick.  He is unbelievably strong and will help to anchor the interior of our D-line for years to come. He had an unbelievably productive senior year at Stanford with 100 tackles!  This was a great value pick.

harrison phillips and kyle williams

4 & 5)I know all the hype in this year’s draft was at the QB position, but I thought the deepest positions in the 2018 draft was at defensive back.  There were tons of CB and Safety prospects this past draft and I was glad the Bills got two of them.  Taron Johnson was his league’s defensive MVP and is a tackling machine.  I see him in the slot but may go outside if needed. Johnson’s College Coach, Jay Hill, played briefly with Antoine Winfield on the Bills, and he see’s Johnson as a bigger and faster version of Winfield.  Siran Neal has played LB, Safety and Corner.  I see him as a safety with the Bills.  He is also a tackling machine.  They both have special teams ability.

One thing about all these defensive picks-They are all TACKLING MACHINES at their respective positions!

5)Wyatt Teller-Bill Polian always said you can get good guards in the 5th Round and I think we did get a good prospect in Teller.  He checks all the boxes and should be able to compete for a spot on the 53 man roster.  He is strong and a nasty blocker.

6&7)Ray Ray McCloud and Austin Proehl were two players that I did not scout.  I think they are looking at McCloud as a returner and Proehl as a slot receiver.  Both these picks were a surprise to me

Undrafted Free Agents:  Robert Foster is an excellent Wide Receiver from Alabama with great speed.  He can also play special teams.  He did not have much production at Bama, but they were a ground team and rarely threw to him, but he made big catches at critical moments in the Championship games.  Levi Wallace was the best defensive back in Bama’s run to the National Championship.  He is not big and has average speed, but he can cover and tackle.  I thought we signed some intriguing offensive line talent in Gerhardt deBeer, Ike Boettger, and Mo Porter.  I thought Boettger was a mid round pick at worst until he tore his Achille’s tendon this past season.  If he recovers from this injury   he could be an excellent prospect.  deBeer is a Track Athlete/Discus Thrower, but has picked up football fast and is a known hard worker-something Beane and McDermott seem to cherish highly. Keith Ford, the running back from Texas A&M, was also a great UDFA pickup.  If Shady misses time this season, Ford could be someone that may make the game day roster.

This was a foundation draft for the Bills.  We took a swing at a franchise QB in Josh Allen.   The cost to get Allen was high, but we took a shot and we will see if it pans out.  Tremaine Edmunds and Harrison Phillips are great building blocks for the future defense as are Taron Johnson and Siran Neal.  We picked up some big and athletic offensive lineman and let’s hope that some help to shore up our depleted offensive line. I’m not sure about the receiver’s we drafted, but let’s hope they pan out.  Along with Tre’ White, Matt Milano, and Dion Dawkins from the 2017 draft, we are filling in a lot of the positions with talent good enough to win a super bowl.  Let’s hope they all pan out!

josh allen and edmunds



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