Addendum to Middle Linebacker and Safety:

I left some players out that are good prospects.  At Middle Linebacker:

5A)Jack Cichy, Wisconsin, 6’2″, 233lbs., 18 reps, 33.5″ vertical, 6.88 3-cone, 4.19 shuttle.  He tore an ACL at the beginning of the season and basically missed most of this year.  Too bad, as he was off to a great season.  He has been good at Wisconsin for a while.  His production in previous years speaks for itself.  Somewhat overlooked as he was injured but I think he is a really good middle linebacker prospect.  He did the above testing 7 months after ACL reconstruction.  A 6.88 3-cone under those circumstances is outstanding quickness.  I don’t doubt his speed.  He can cover backs and tight ends.  I think he is someone to consider on day #2 if we don’t get a linebacker in the first round.

13A)Josey Jewell, Iowa, 6’1″, 230 lbs., 4.83 40, 18 reps, 33″vertical, 117″ broad, A great 6.8 3-cone, and 4.27 shuttle.  He is slow but his 4.83 second 40 is faster than Preston Brown and he lead the league in tackles last year.  Although his long speed is slow, he is quick in the box as his 6.8 second 3-cone alludes to.  Testing aside, this guy is a tackling machine who makes play after play.  He might have trouble running down field covering backs or tight ends, but in the box he is plenty fast enough.  A real nose for the ball.  A football player.  A late round pick, but someone who will contribute on special teams and give us depth in the middle.

josey jewell

I left out a real good Safety prospect as well and I like his prospects a lot.

13)Kameron Kelly, S.D. St., 6’2″, 200 lbs, 4.66 40, 9 reps, 33″ vertical,  120″ broad, 6.94 3-cone, 4.28 shuttle.  Has also played cornerback, but I like him better at safety, but he could play corner.  His 40 time at the combine is identical to Josh Norman’s time.  He needs to get stronger but he looks like his build could handle another 5-10 pounds.  He is really good at coverage and also a good tackler.  He makes a lot of plays.  A safety to consider if he is still on the board in the later rounds.

1 thought on “Addendum to Middle Linebacker and Safety:”

  1. I have been a Josey Jewell fan forever!! He is a Shane Conlan that would QB our defense for the next 10 years……he’s a shorter Luke Kuchley that will be a STEAL for the team that takes him!


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