Addendum to Guards and Centers:

Richie Incognito may or may not be retired.  I am not sure even he knows what he is doing.  Possibly this has something to do with contract leverage or renegotiating his contract.  If he is really suffering kidney and liver issues, I wonder what the cause of that could be.  I still would look to get one of the really good offensive lineman in this draft.  Even if Incognito plays this year, he will be 35 and his contract is up next year.  We will need a left guard sooner than later.  If Richie does return, then I probably would draft only one offensive lineman.  I would like to see Incognito at L guard with Ryan Groh at center.  I am hoping this is all some BS with Richie and he plays.  He has been really good every year he has played with the Bills.  I think Dion Dawkins and Richie get along well and that is important in getting the line to gel.

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